I am here ...

It has been eleven years since Zemi Adore, my son, and I have had any meaningful contact with each other.  The dynamics between his mother and I were turbulent, playing a key role in rupturing our family which led to the unfortunate distancing between Zemi and myself.  Despite these lamentable circumstances, I maintained contact with Zemi by means of a journal, chronicling the eleven years of our estrangement.

I haven’t given up on you.  I have not lost all hope in us reuniting again... 
I will promise something to you right now.  I will come back for you.  When I do, we will never be separated again. 



"Each word, each sentence reflects what it feels to live in the shadows, daydreaming with an encounter that never happened, with a bedtime story that has never been told..."

Estefania Mitre

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